With Prime Minister of the UK bragging about shaking hands with Coronavirus patients, life is still as bizarre as ever.

St Patricks was a quiet one as Pubs and bars were ordered shut through many states, including Maine. Small businesses are really feeling the pinch because well, today is supposed to mark the beginning of the end of the winter (read slow business) season, usher in the spring and essentially be the busiest date for most bars.

I spoke with my mentor, went over the business plan, but also managed to get in touch with the architect who politely told me about the office policy to limit public interaction. We will conduct most of our discussions via Zoom. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what that is. I left video conferencing when it was still Skype.

What’s most baffling about this whole situation is that it seems so surreal. And with so much time spent indoors, every minor ache, and this worrying tummy ache has me relying more than ever on WebMD. Consequently I am trying to quail off my conspiracy theories. This is taking a lot of self restrain from Social media and constantly refreshing the news. But how can you ignore this unprecedented massive global shift?

For now, sit tight, stay healthy and ferociously practice Tik Tok dances… I mean, check your temperature.

– Isolated AF

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