Strange day.

Morbid almost.

City of Portland just announced a curfew for restaurants and bars from 8pm to 2am and put a ban on pubs and bars opening for St Patricks day celebrations effective midnight today. San Francisco (7 million people)just initiated a shelter in place starting Midnight until further notice. Craziest of all, LL Bean closed its stores until further notice. A retailer with no locks on its doors!

I spoke with the health inspector who told me that the City hall is closed for the week and will monitor the current situation to see whether they should open next week. That this may slow down my application with the various licensing departments but it should not deter me from following through anyway.

It would be a lie to say it hasn’t got me worried. Because it has. It is a dire situation for all entertainment, travel and food industries. Billion dollar airlines and casinos are cutting operations by 90% and small businesses are struggling or shutting down all together. But because most industries are flailing, it has put some perspective in me that in all business, no matter the industry or size, there will be unexpected downturns.

Some insurmountable but others may present opportunity.

I wonder, if i had been running a business right now, what would I do? How would I react? Tomorrow will be a day of reflection, to write down some measures that can be taken, should an event like this occur again.

Oh by the way, I think the Philippines and India reported cases of Bird Flu today.


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