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So this weekend, Actual Foods’ recipes were put to the public test for the first time. That is to say, I served a limited menu to my immediate family.

It’s interesting the feedback you can get when you are open to it.

For one, it will not be enough to completely wing each dish. There will be an urgent need to refine and define actual recipes for consistency. Here I thought I could create a fully customizable recipe. Well, with a mom like mine who creates her own drink at every restaurant she goes to, it will be pretty difficult to price a restaurant menu if that is the standard MO.

Coronavirus continues to pose fears and the primary evidence was that I could not get ANY chicken (breast or thigh) in the stores. Had to look into 2 stores to get baby spinach and Zucchini, and worst of all, there was no wild rice. The stores are all wiped out!

In a panic, i bought 2 of the last 5 baby spinach packs. 1 for me and one for my family test dinner. Full disclosure, it did cross my mind to grab all the remaining 3 packs but that would be inconsiderate of me. Fellow humans, take note!

As for today, the Fed just cut interest rates to near 0. This in an effort to boost the economy for consumers and businesses. Which may signal the lack of confidence the Fed has in the current state of affairs, but may also be an opportunity for business lending. Do you see where I am going with this?

Meanwhile, the stock market continues to tumble and futures hit another limit-down even after the Fed easing announcement.

The number of Covid-19 cases and mortality continue to rise exponentially (368 deaths in Italy today alone)

New York city Mayor and California Governor ordered all bars and pubs to close and restricted Restaurants to takeout/delivery, and reduce capacity respectively.

It’s a dystopian situation. No doubt. But we cannot deny some of the silver linings.

Tomorrow is another day, it’s the best we can hope for.

-Trying not to be despondent AF

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