Well this title is convenient. Today, I conducted over the phone interviews with the prospective original team for Actual foods.

Originally when I posted the ad on craigslist, I described it as a “Cool AF” restaurant coming to town. Received almost 20 responses between 2 am and 9am. And 70 in total. Which was nuts, given the fact that no further information about the concept was provided.

In any case, I have since widdled the list down to 9 solid people. The original plan was to take us all to a fyood (chopped-like) cooking competition. But coronavirus fears have since bridled my desire to get groups together. Had to settle for a traditional 1-1 interview.

The conversations were productive and a lot of fun! All of the people I got to talk to were passionate. Intentional. Positive. Genuine. Willing to express themselves and live in their truth.

I look forward to meeting all of them, and more importantly, getting all of them together to get this ‘cool AF’ restaurant going!

In other positive news, I negotiated the lease agreement and the broker is now drafting an LOI. Very favorable I might add. And in more positive news (all improper PUN intended), there are now a couple of cases of the virus confirmed in Maine as of today. And the City of Portland has since closed the City Hall to external visitors for the rest of march. Which begs the question, will licenses and inspection applications still be processed? In any case, I’m impressed by the preventative measures being taken. In more selfish ways, that might not do much good for this 123 day deadline. Send luck!

-Progress AF

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