Aside from quitting a job with a 98% failure rate to start a restaurant (a business with a 90% failure rate), the craziest thing I ever did was attend an all day conference with over 100 people the day after a pandemic was declared. But that’s neither here nor there.

I put aside my alarmism and went because I was sure to take something away that would prove useful during this journey through entrepreneurship. The best wisdom, aside from Carla’s Pearls, was to let go of what I think a leader should seem like. Some context if you will.

As soon as the decision to open a restaurant was made, I just as quickly decided I would need a good manager. That is, the manager manages the restaurant as I work the line. The logic, I was self aware enough to know that leadership was not my strength. Apparently this made no sense to anybody else. So in a conversation with a fellow attendee, I conveyed that it stemmed from my 9th grade homeroom teacher marking leadership skills as lowest on the report card. As it turns out, the things that stick with you when you’re still impressionable often become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Having long convinced myself that my lack of assertion, conflict avoidance, and not being authoritative enough translated to being a bad leader, my default was to assume that I was the person with a vision, and would need someone to lead the vision to fruition. But apparently there are different types of leadership, and being a silent visionary is just as good as any. who knew?

In other news, today was the worst day in the stock market since Black Monday in 1987. The US has banned flights from the Schengen countries for 30 days and most importantly -there is location progress!

I went to check out the space sure to be the Actual foods space with contractors. It’s a great location. In the second heart of the restaurant district. Relatively cheaper although still requiring some work. Here is a picture,

Don’t mind all that, they are working on electrical.

I do need to brush up on my negotiating skills. Because the contractors were candid enough to tell me what i ought to get before signing the lease. To save on construction costs and what not.

I also need to send an equipment list to get a better estimation of what the project will cost.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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