How to start a restaurant in 123 days…..during a pandemic

Here are a few things that happened today. March 11 2020.

1. The WHO just declared Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic.

2. The NCAA officially announced that all tournaments will be played without fans.

3. My sister just called me and told me her University is also switching to strictly online classes after Spring break, for the rest of the semester and through the summer. (Extra help? check)

4. The stock market is still bobbling and officially entered bear market territory. s&p close 2741 compare with 3337.75 3 weeks ago.

5. It is officially 3 weeks since I quit my job to start a restaurant. My savings are dwindling, the world is on fire, and I STILL do not have a location.

And so the only rational thing to do, is to give myself a deadline of 123 days, and write about it every day.

I hereby officially declare (since that seems to be the hot take today) that on July 11, Our doors will be open and Actual Foods will be born.

I hope you will join me on this journey, because I’m sure with more people staying home and avoiding public areas, you will need a reality blog.

Stay tuned!

-Ambitious AF

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