Chimmichurri (pronunciation, is an herb -based sauce that is fresh, tangy and full of flavor. Originally from Argentina, this sauce is packed with parsley, elevated with oregano and tied together with garlic, vinegar and chillis.


At Actual Foods, we took ingredients from what we believe to be the original recipe, and made it our own. Using our favorite cooking techniques, we sautee the shallots and chilles to get activate the flavors, roast the garlic to add depth, and use a combination of lime and vinegar to achieve a more robust acidic profile. Where we deviate is by adding some sweetness to cut through the tang. We are not too sure if this is a faux-pas, or a stroke of brilliance.

How to use:

This sauce is best used over any grilled meats but can just as well be adapted as a saute sauce. Do not be afraid to use it as a dressing, given the core acidic, oily and emulsifying factors. One may dare to call it the South-American Pesto, skip the cheese.

Enjoy it warm over roasted veggies, or to boost any poached foods. We haven’t tried it in a sandwich yet, but perhaps you could tell us if it works. We can’t find a reason it would not.


Chimmichurri-based dishes coming soon in blog.


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