Ginger Scallion is a fragrant creation born out of trial and error. Inspired by North East Asian flavors, this sauce is true to its name, bringing the ginger and scallions to the forefront.


At Actual Foods,  we took the best and brightest of Asian flavors and combined them to come up with a sauce that could easily pass for a jam. Roasted scallions in hand, we make it zippy it with ginger, add and edge with roasted garlic, bring in umami with the soy sauce, and add a nutty note with freshly roasted sesame seeds. This is all tied together with olive oil and a dash of sesame oil.

How to use:

Best served warm, we decided immediately that the best use for this sauce is in a stir fry. But don’t stop there. Use it as a finishing sauce for your roasts, to achieve a stunning caramelization. Better yet, marinate your meats in it overnight. Toss your vegetables or tofu with some noodles and you have a winner. Or maybe, just maybe, eat it straight out of the jar, with some crackers.

The best thing about Cantonese ingredients is that they are versatile. With this sauce in hand, you can combine whatever vegetables, meats and meat alternatives and end up with something great. And if you can’t be bothered, throw it on your next hot dog. Bet you’d never have thought of that.

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