Harissa, (pronunciation- hr.ee.suh) is a rich, bold and spicy North African sauce popularized out of Tunisia. The sauce is made bold with Chiles, fragrant with spices like cumin and coriander, and given depth by Tomatoes (traditionally a paste). This is all tied together with oils to make for a delightful condiment.


At Actual Foods, we have come to appreciate the complexity of the harissa sauce. We put emphasis on adapting and elevating the flavors through a combination of techniques. Hence, the toasted cumin seeds in some bites will be equally marveled at as the umami profile of the roasted tomatoes. These tomatoes make up the base of this sauce- a deviation from the traditional harissa, which uses more chiles as a base.

How to use:

Harissa is a transcendent condiment in North Africa. It can liven up dishes from scrambled egg, to chicken. It can also just as easily act as a dipping sauce for French fries and mozzarella sticks.

Place in a ramekin and let it hold its own on a charcuterie board. Or maybe add it to a marinade for your fish or steaks. You could even use it as we do here at Actual foods, in a stir fry!

While your food is not going to be found swimming in a sea of harissa, we challenge you to try not eating it by the jar full.

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