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Hello there again. We’ve been gone a while, but we are back. As a truck! While COVID did make us shy away from our original […]


Spoke with the bank today. At this point, looks like the entire process will be done online and over the phone without ever meeting in […]


With Prime Minister of the UK bragging about shaking hands with Coronavirus patients, life is still as bizarre as ever. St Patricks was a quiet […]


Strange day. Morbid almost. City of Portland just announced a curfew for restaurants and bars from 8pm to 2am and put a ban on pubs […]


Well this title is convenient. Today, I conducted over the phone interviews with the prospective original team for Actual foods. Originally when I posted the […]


Aside from quitting a job with a 98% failure rate to start a restaurant (a business with a 90% failure rate), the craziest thing I […]